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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. It’s all about travelling, surfing and enjoying life.

I started surfing some years ago when I went to Italy. I was impressed by the body boarders and surfers I saw. My plan was to buy a surfboard as soon as possible. When I got my mini Malibu I started surfing and read books about it to improve my technique. In France I took surf courses and got hooked, at this point I knew that surfing is the ultimate thing! The following years I worked as a surf teacher in Spain and France. Till today I am not very good in surfing, but I really love it. It makes me happy. Besides the surfing I like to make videos of the trips and edit it as short movies.

With this blog I try to document my trips with some photos, videos and information. If you got ideas to change or improve my blog just let me know.
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4 thoughts on “| About

  1. Stephan on said:

    Hey Adi!
    Nice Blog…, please continue, it’s interesting to read about your experiences. Have a nice trip!!!


  2. Hey Adi, ich han es paar frage a Dich zu Peru…chasch mer bitte zrugg maile….thanxxx Marcel

  3. Lavinia Puccetti on said:

    Hey, I’m Lavinia I saw ur video where u are surfing in Liguria. really liked it! I live in the Uk but I am from Pisa and I was wondering if u could tell me some good spots to surf here in Tuscany or Liguria..Where was exactly the place on the video? I love this blog and your life style! well done man!

  4. Keep it going mate, good reading.I’m heading to Ujung bocor next year so thankyou for sharing. Cheers gary

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