The salty dreams

The rhythm of paradise

Our last remaining weeks in Mexico, we’re spending with our very good(looking) friends Marcia & Matthias. Because joy shared, is joy doubled – especially with M&M.

The 4 of us meet at the small settlement of Barra de Nexpa, located in the heart of the nature and known for its consistant surf. Adi & I discovered this sunny paradise a few weeks before and we’re happy to share the magic of rio nexpa again with our friends.

The two grown-up scallywags rediscover their pleasure for starting fires and so it comes that we have a impressive campfire every evening after sunrise (completed with marshmellows we’ve found in one of the little shops nearby). Our daily life in nexpa is quite simple but very fulfilled and we enjoy some relaxing days at this scenic place.

Because we need a change of scenery and some softer waves for the girls, we’re heading back to La Saladita in west guerrero. The little community at La Saladita is bulit along the wave – a long, lefthand pointbreak nicknamed “Ubilam” (reverse of Mailibu). The spot is quite small and soft, but perfect for the intermediates. It is said that saladita surf is about having fun and actually, we have a lot of it crowned with some very long rides. Ubilam even becomes Vera’s favorite surf spot so far.

Our accommodation at “point house” is perfectly located just in front of the surfspot. In Zihuatanejo we’re renting a rattly Nissan and do some grocery shopping for a whole football team. Day by day, we’re discovering the many treasure and few surf spots around La Saladita. Some of our highlights which you shouldn’t miss: the concept store Loot at playa la ropa in Zihuatanejo (, the village of Troncones with his many eco-friendly restaurants like “Garden Eden”, the best Faijtas camarones at the Palapa-Restaurant Ilianet in Saladita and a semi-secret surf spot which we don’t tell the name).

At the moment, we’re for a short-stop back home in drizzly switzerland and getting ready for our next big adventure: our job at the very best surfcamp TSE in Lagos, Portugal ( We will keep you updatet and we’re looking forward to see you soon at the TSE-camp in the Algarve! Until then: Até à vista & tudo de bom, Adi & Vera

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