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The Highway MEX200 connects the state of Nayarit with Guatemala and is one of the artery of Mexico. Buses along the MEX200 are reliable and cheap and because bandidos are known to work the Highway 200 at night, we’re travelling during day time just to be on the safe side. On our way south, we’re passing the state of Colima which is home to Pascuales –  a super powerful beachbreak “only for experts” (stormrider guide). Because the bombing spot is doubtless on Adi’s to do-List, we stop at Boca de Pascuales for two nights and Adi rides the legendary wave only on a very small day. Because we don’t’ want to lose any more days by waiting for a new swell, we’re keep on travelling by bus further south. New week, new state. In West Guerrero we follow a recommendation of Adi’s friend by visiting a longboard heaven called La Saladita. La Saladita offers a soft-breaking lefthand pointbreak, some nice beachfront accommodations, palapas restaurants and a very friendly & relaxing longboard-community (mostly Americans in their mid-fifties). It is the perfect spot for some relaxing beach days and to improve Vera’s surf skills. Although it is not always easy to catch a wave when you have to share them with a bunch of passionate longboarders, we like the place and his laid-back mood from the very beginning.

Our very different surf levels (banana vs. slater) suggesting itself that we alternate from more beginner-friendly to more challenging surf spots. Luckily, the pacific coastline of Mexico has enough spots to offer and so we’re travelling again north to the state of Michoacán and leaving the MEX200 at Barra de Nexpa. Nexpa, a magical place with plenty of happiness. It’s an extremely scenic area with a rivermouth, lush jungle, mountainous shoreline and a long and a challenging  left for Adi. The daily life in Nexpa is simple and relaxed, but maybe it’s exactly this simplicity and calmness which makes the very magic of this peaceful piece on earth. Between Adi’s morning sessions, we have enough time to learn some Portuguese vocabularies, sipping cold Coronas or have a chat or two with the inspiring people of nexpa (mainly in English, because our Spanish is still muy malo).

Compared to Nexpa, other destinations don’t have it that easy to satisfy us. After some days, we’re visiting the rivermouth wave La Ticla 3 hours drive up north. The waves of Nexpa and la Ticla are too heavy for beginners these days, but Adi get the Chance to score some good waves both in Nexpa and La Ticla.  After spending a few, kind of unpleasant days at La Ticla, we’re deciding to heading back to idyllic Rio Nexpa and waiting there for our appreciated Swiss friends & loyal travel companions Matthias & Marcia.


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