The salty dreams

Bienvenidos a México

Travelling to mexico means to us,  entering a new world: foreign culture, food, language, habits and unknown places. And exploring a new country and making new experiences together as a couple is even more exicted! Good times ahead!

But before our mexican adventure can start, we have to get to our first interim target: mexico city. After 3 flights without any electronic entertainment & very aged AA-air crew we reach aeropuerto internacional de la ciudad de méxico and got a few hours sleep at an business airport hotel. The following day, the journey to the pacific coastline and nayarit region continues with a domestic flight and a bus transfer. Sea level, palm trees and the pacific in front – finally arrived !

The next weeks, we exploring scenic beaches and colorful villages like San Pancho (or San Francisco for Tourists) or Sayulita. Because we decided to travel without boards, our first mission issimple: finding a proper board for both of us. But that is easier said that done. None of the shops sells their boards because they just making more money by renting them. „The search“ gets another meaning those days and by end of the week, we finally discover what we’re looking for: a wide shortboard for Adi and a longer funboard for Vera. Besides the board-shopping, we enjoy the lively hustle & bustle in Sayulita, try a new restaurant for every meal and jump into the waves whenever we want to. Daily life could be worse!

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