The salty dreams

Swell on the horizon

Because of the freezing water temperature in Playa Maderas we wanted to take a swim in warmer water and made a quick side – trip to Isla de Ometepe. The Island with its twin volcanic peaks is located in Lake Nicaragua and offers a lot of exciting stuff to explore.

With a local guide we hiked to the volcano Maderas (1394 m) which took us 7 hours, 6 liters of water and a lot of sweat. Luckily our arm muscels were still fit for use (compared to our wobbling legs) the next day, so we had the great idea to do kayaking. Don’t underestimate 3 hours kayaking, but as soon you make it to river Istián you get rewarded with caimans, turtles, a lot of funny looking birds and buffalos.

To catch some decent waves of the new swell we travelled up north to Miramar / Puerto Sandino. From the pool of our hotel (Miramar Surf Camp) we could check the waves and enjoy the kitschy sunsets. The surf was pretty good and we had many good sessions in Salinas, Sandino and Miramar. For every surfer who is looking for a less crowded, qualitative pointbreak I advise to stay at Miramar Surf Camp. The Camp, which is owned by Brazilians, was the best accommodation we stayed at during our trip. Top location at the beach front, pool with sea view, consistent waves and nice crew, what do you need more???

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