The salty dreams

Goodbye Peru

Buenos dias,

My trip in Peru is almost over, I’m waiting for my plane to fly back home. The last weeks I stayed again in Chicama for a big swell and finally in Lobitos. With my mates I met Chris a Swiss surfer and we travelled together. We scored some long waves in Chicama and some small but powerfull waves in Lobitos.

All in all I can say that the trip to Peru was totally worth it. I met some really nice dudes from all over the world, who shared stoke and good times. I surfed my longest wave ever. Spent over 70 hours in the bus driving up and down the coastline. I saw whales, seals and snakes. I highly recommend Peru for a surf trip!!

I wish everyone had something like surfing where you can escape your worries …

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One thought on “Goodbye Peru

  1. I like your last sentence – the one in italic…

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