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Huanchaco & Pacasmayo – Places to see

Huanchaco is a small town near Trujillo with a point directly in front of the street and all the hostels. I stayed at hostel Meri, a friendly hostel with all you need. Highly recommended. In Huanchaco you will find a lot of restaurants and different food. The surf is good and glassy most of the time, but watch out for urchins! The people are really friendly and I always felt safe. Nice place to visit!

Another town is Pacasmayo, around 2-3 hours north of Trujillo. You can get there by bus or Taxi from Trujillo. Los Faroles is a cozy hostel with a big garden and is close to the beach. It takes you about 30 minutes to walk along the beach to the surfspot. That was kind of annoying, but the wave can handle bigger swells and breaks sometimes even longer than Chicama. Unfortunately I didn’t saw it working very well…

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2 thoughts on “Places to see

  1. James sanborn on said:

    Hey man, I am in Lobitas now and I am trying to get chicam for a swell that’s coming. From Talara what bus did you take to Chicama?
    Do you reccomend staying in huanchaca/ picasmayo and making a day trip to chicama?
    Any tips would be much appreciated.

    • hey james
      from talara you can take a bus from the company ITTSA, should be 30 to 40 soles, to trujillo. when the swell is small you should go to pacasmayo or huanchaco from trujillo. if chicama goes big, take a local bus from trujillo to chicama for about 6 soles. the place to be in huanchaco would be surf hostal meri. in chicama i stayed at los dophins, always bargain about the prices in chicama!
      have fun and enjoy peru!

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