The salty dreams


I arrived in Lobitos – a surfers’ paradise. One of the best waves in Peru. You can surf this wave about 300 meters on a good day all over sand. Due to the fact, that this spot is not secret, a lot of people want to surf this wave, so it was crowded almost every day. Anyway I liked the time I spent here in Lobitos and had great waves and incredible food.

I met some cool people in my hostel, with whom a spent most of my time here. I’m happy that I met…

  • Benjamin, the Swiss dude was speaking fluent Spanish and helped out in every situation. Without him our crew would have been lost!
  • Patrick, the funny Irish dude, with almost fluent Spanish like: Hola amigo. Por favor…
  • Ben, the French/ Ozzie dude. We also called him “perro” (the dog), because he was always able to eat some more, especially cookies…

Together we went on a secret trip somewhere in northern Peru. We scored empty barreling waves, we couldn’t believe it. We pushed ourselves and screamed in the lineup to share these happy moments of surfing.

I really enjoyed the time till now with you buddies and looking forward to the next trip – chicamaaaa..


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